The project is expected to bring significant socio-economic and environmental benefits both at local and global level.

The potential benefits include

Socio-economic benefits

Illumination and safe drinking water for 2500 households

Cooking gas (biogas) supply for all the households

Equitable irrigation water supply for at least half an acre for each household.

Establishment of agro-industry units, generation of employment and incomes


Reduction in drudgery for women and children

Capacity Building

Development of village level institutions.

Capacity building of village communities, NGOs, entrepreneurs, researchers

Evolution of appropriate bio-energy policy.

Information dissemination

Awareness creation on bioenergy among rural communities, NGOs, bankers and policy makers

Environmental Benefits

Carbon dioxide reduction through fossil fuel substitution

Land reclamation through forestry through development of biomass on about 3000 hectares of forest, community and farm lands through various models.

Biomass conservation to reduce pressure on trees and forests